The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

-a book review-

I recently read Kevin Davis’s book, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness, 10 essential strategies for leading your team to the top, published by GreenLeaf books.  This book hits the mark when it comes to setting the standard for successful sales management.

What I enjoyed about the book is Kevin’s writing style along with the very important topics he covers in each chapter and the many tools he provides.  The book is broken into Sections with sub chapters, it makes it easy to go to a topic of interest and read all the related content. The first section is:

  • Self-Leadership

In this section the author covers the difference between Management and Leadership and how to embrace the leadership mindset and why it is important.  Kevin spends a larger portion of the chapter on one of the most miss-understood or poor skill levels of most sales managers and that is coaching. My last book was titled SLAMMED! for the First Time Sales Manager, I titled it because we have found that new sales managers get Slammed after about 6 months because of time management and not focusing properly.  Kevin nails this challenge in Chapter Two when he covers “Focusing on Priority #1” and “Become a Master of Your Time”.

The second section is:

  • Elements of Excellence

After 20 years of consulting on sales management issues, I found this section a must read for any new sales manager or any sales manager that is struggling with success.  Kevin hits the key points necessary for high performance, with a focus on Driving Rep Accountability, Hiring Smart and Insert the Customer into Your Sales Process. What I found especially good in this section were the various tools, graphs and guides to help the reader learn to evaluate their current team, how to judge potential candidates and how to interview more effectively.  In the Sales Process chapter 5, he builds an excellent case for a sales process but more importantly why it is important to consider the “buyer’s or customers mode”. This chapter will increase your win/lost ratios.

The third section is:

  • Priority #1: Coach and Develop Your Team

Kevin covers his C.O.A.C.H. Model in great detail and again provides the reader with terrific examples but more importantly a framework and tools to help the Sale Manager develop talent.  This entire section has four chapters on coaching that serve to build  skill levels, motivate the team and coaching of sales strategy. Each will dramatically improve sales performance levels.  This section will help any sales manager at any level of experience.  Great content!

The fourth Section covers:

  • Taking Action

In this final section, in one chapter Kevin pulls together themes from throughout the book to provide a practical model for the reader to create a self-development plan as well as the sales team. The final tool that Kevin provides is worth the price of the book alone.

As a Sales Manager if you have not taken a course or read a book lately on sales management, this book should be added to your library.


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