Why 2017 Can Be Your Best Year Ever!

January 2nd, 2017

Life Enrichment: Why 2017 Can Be Your Best Year Ever!

Individually, at parties and in the news,  questions of New Year’s Resolutions are one of the major topics, recently I posted the following notes on my Facebook page, the post received many “likes and comments’ from a variety of connected friends:

May everyone and I mean everyone, enjoy the new year, enjoy your friends, make new ones, enjoy your experiences, create new and different ones, and as I was trained as a Boy Scout, always leave the campsite better than when you arrived…Life Enrichment should be our focus, living together with harmony, not divide our purpose. Vow to help someone else have a better life.

In a short post I tried to highlight specific actions that as a society and specifically individuals we can all do to “heal” our society but just importantly to ensure you enjoy a better life as well.  In many of my keynote programs I focus on Life Enrichment as a theme. Simply this means by taking positives actions a person can more fully enjoy both their Personal Lives as well as their Professional Lives. This balance of professional/personal life brings a better sense of success that leads to a better life, I call this Gourmet Living.

First, in my post I encouraged everyone to enjoy the year, drop the anger or craziness of the election, it’s bad for your health, tough on your friends and will bring a negative atmosphere to your life. Learn to enjoy the time you have with your friends, laugh, make time for a breakfast/lunch just to talk and develop deeper relationships.

Second, make new friends, expand your network of business/friends and enhance your contact with old friends.  Recently because of two boy hood friends and their current professional lives, I was in a position to help a younger women move forward in her life with a goal of impacting five new lives.  New people may bring you different experiences and perspectives that may broaden your life.  Reach out to open a dialogue at any chance you have;  yesterday at the Lady VOLs basketball game I had an ongoing conversation about the game with the Usher, it was fun and his insights to the team made the game more interesting.  (They won too!)

Third, leave your campsite in better shape, this has become a major mantra for me, perhaps as I reach my current age I have reflected more on life, but I would like to believe it’s a mantra I have attempted to always promote. Work on improving your local community, your church/organizations that impact others, take care of the environment, and mentor a younger person, whatever-volunteer.  I recently read it will make you live longer, make you more healthy, and happy.

A friend of my recently wrote a blog on the “One Person That Impacted My Life in 2016” I think it was a fabulous idea, today is a good day for you to reflect on that thought, name that person and thank them, make them aware of your feelings and then go make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

A few simple thoughts at the start of our new year I hope you enjoy.

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