Life Enrichment: what does it mean?

February 9th, 2014

Life Enrichment: what does it mean?

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “Life Enrichment is Yours?” I received a variety of comments regarding the topic, one however was quite interesting. This particular person liked the blog and liked the topic but she had never thought about the combination of words: Life Enrichment, that comment leads me to this week’s blog topic.

• The first question is how did the words come about? Obviously I did not invent them, but as a professional speaker, people always ask me what do I speak about and without trying to give anyone a 10 minute or even two sentence explanation, I came up with the idea that what I speak about it is Life Enrichment. (hoping they would then ask me to give them the 10 minute version ?) In thinking through how to answer that question I went back to listen to various recordings of my keynote program and came up with Life Enrichment. The primary basis for my keynote program is a title I have discussed before: Gourmet Living, building a menu for your life. If you have not watched the video’s on my website-enjoy!

• With that background and the individual’s comment, I decided to post on my Facebook page the question: Life Enrichment: what does it mean to you? Just to see the kinds of responses I would get-always a great way to gain some non-scientific but amazingly accurate data points.

Interestingly only people I did not know very well provided their insights, others emailed me directly their answers to ensure perhaps that others wouldn’t see their personal comments. A summary of the comments were:

A Commitment to Life-Long Learning

Exploring or Creating New Experiences

A Personal Focus Outside of Work

Impacting the Lives of Others

Expanding Ones Contentment

Not Feeling Cheated in Life


All good comments. Recently I heard a person interviewed on TV, regarding his recent book about people living to 100 years of life and beyond, during his research he video recorded every interview, they played several of them on TV that day. They were amazing people and had a zest for life and as each shared their “secret”, it became obvious that staying active, interested in life, and working were all common themes. Their lives seemed to be enriched.

So my questions to you this week is: How are you enriching your life? What does Life Enrichment mean to you?

BTW: My 4th, 5th, 6th books from the Sales Management Guru series will be published this year, keep an eye out. These will only be in E-book formats.

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