Managing A Sales Manager

Managing a Sales Manager 

As a result of our one of my readers sending me an email comment regarding his personal situation,  I have attached the sample of one our of a tools we have included in our “On Line Sales Manager Tool   

The format can be used for one on one meetings with the President and the Vice President of Sales or when the Sales Manager needs to present to  the Board of Directors or at Management Team Meetings.  I hope this assists everyone in creating better dialogue, better understanding between peers and more importantly better execution. 


Acumen Management Group 

Discipline, Accountability and Control

Sales Management Reporting 

Date: __________                              For Month Ending:  ______________ 

*First week of the month and Third week of the month 

Sales Management Discussion Topics:

___      Sales Metrics Completed?  Report attached

___      Pipeline Review/Forecast next 60 days

____    Marketing Programs next 60 days

____    Recruiting Status

____    Major Prospect Meeting Dates/Net New/Transition Clients

____    Sales Training Plans next 60 days

_____  ______________________________


Marketing Plans for the next 60 days

  • Product Promotions                _____________________________ 
  • Trade Shows                            ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________
  • Mailings                                  _____________________________
  • Customer Relationships          _____________________________
  • Email                                       _____________________________
  • Web Casts       `                       _____________________________
  • Workshops                              _____________________________
  • Networking Events                  ____________________________


  • Current Sales/Marketing Project Status
  • Sales/Marketing Objectives for Next 90 Days
  • Agreed to Sales Management Priorities for the Month
  • Top 10 Sales Opportunities for the Month.
  • Sales Calls Scheduled and with What Salesperson
  • Issues/Problems/Recommendations on any topic:

 Detail Description

The purpose of this document is to describe in the simplistic terms possible the specific deliverable content for both parties to review and discuss the 60 day plans of the sales and marketing organization. This is meant to be a high level review not a formal analytic analysis. The Sales Manager will mark each area RED, YELLOW or GREEN based upon their perception of the situation.  In the future, as additional information is created and reviewed, these rankings will be compared to standards to generate the color dashboard perspective.

  •  Sales Metrics
  • Pipeline Review/Forecast next 60 Days
  • Marketing Programs
  • Sales Lead Analysis 
  • Recruiting Status
  • Major Prospect Meeting Dates
  • Sales Training Plans for next 60 Days
  • Current Sales/Marketing Project Status
  • Sales/Marketing Objectives for the Next 90 Days 

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