Be Prepared-Motto Works for Sales Mgmt Too!

April 26th, 2010

Be Prepared-Great Boy Scout Motto-Works for Sales Mangement Too

As a former Boy Scout camp counselor, I was recently invited to reunion. We do them every two years to honor a man that was one of my mentors in my life and those of you who have listened to my keynote, know about Sam.   He impacted the lives of thousands of individuals not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the world with his energy, leadership and friendship.  This week’s blog however is not about Sam, but the invitation.

Most everyone has heard the scouts motto of Be Prepared, as an Eagle Scout it is a part of my life. This weekend the Southeast was rocked with 54 tornadoes and at 2am Sunday morning my weather radio went off, we headed to the lower level of my home with a radio, flashlight, water and a few other items to wait out the all clear.  It was scary listening as all the surrounding cities were called out as the storm approached. The good news was we had very little damage in our area; however one tornado did touch ground about 2 miles away. Then at 2:30am my phone rang and my neighbor called from Michigan, his alarm was going off and he wanted me to check out his home…. into the rain I went with my golf rain suit on, walking around his home and “having his key and his alarm code I entered his house. (I was prepared for this kind of thing) The good news there was no damage at his home too.  What does this small story have to do with you?

As a sales leader at end of the April or for that matter at anytime are you PREPARED?

You may never know:   

When a top performer might leave you?  Are you advertising every 60 days for new salespeople on a regular basis? What is your pipeline for recruiting?

When an expected and needed order fails to materialize. Do you have a clear          understanding of your sales funnel ratio’s and a large enough number of sales           opportunities to make up for the lost or postponed sale?

 When someone in marketing or you sales team does not execute a planned             assignment that impacts your organization.  Remember to Inspect What You  Expect.  Follow up; hold people accountable and double check the details.

Comment below on what other events could pop up that “you may never know “ could occur that could impact your success  and how you can prepare for them or send me an email:

Be prepared means being proactive, anticipating events and putting yourself and your team in a position to be safe and to succeed.  Have a great quarter.

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