What Separates Ave Firms from High Performing Firms?

May 24th, 2017

What Separates Average Organizations from High Performing Organizations? 

Yesterday I was interviewed by Keith Lubner from ChannelEQ (www.Channeleq.co) on his Pod Cast Channel, while the theme of our conversation was focused on the IT Channel and Partner community as well as the Vendor environment, one of Keith’s insightful questions was: What separates the average or failing organizations from the high performing firms?.

While pondering my answer two words came to mind:  Brilliant Execution.

I want on to explain the following issue, leadership of the organization must be focused on creating a vision and philosophy of brilliant execution-at all levels.  If you are in an administration role, a product/service delivery role and certainly a sales role, every aspect of your daily responsibilities needs to be focused on this message.  High performing organizations simply seem to run better, with higher revenues/employee and lower costs of sales.

From a Sales Management perspective it means you focus on discipline, accountability and control (see past blogs for insights), but specifically Brilliant Execution means that you have a:

  • Quarterly sales training plan and you follow through with it
  • Quality interviewing and recruiting plan and you follow it
  • Detailed pipeline management and dashboard metrics analysis that you update
  • Focused quarterly Salesperson Development Plans designed to improve professionalism
  • Accurate and detailed sales process mapped out and you make sure your sales team follows it (Inspect what you expect!)

Those are just a few samples, for a list of the top 40 Actions Sales Managers must do to achieve predictable revenue download this white paper.

In my blog on Building the Emotional Formula for Sales Success I wrote about the need to pay attention to the details as one aspect of keeping everything working properly.  High performance leaders understand that salespeople need to feel leadership’s high energy level, their belief in the company/products/services and the need to share a positive vision.  Share it often and make sure you are on top of the details.

HINT: every sales team and organization need a yearly theme, if your organization does not have one, you might consider Brilliant Execution as a theme you can focus on during the coming months.  If you have another theme, I would enjoy hearing about it, please share with everyone on this blog.

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