Life Enrichment: Using your talents to make a difference

August 3rd, 2016

Life Enrichment:  Using Your Talent to Make a Difference

As Sales Leaders or as anyone, creating a positive life for yourself begins by focusing on others; in my keynote programs I describe how during my work on improving the professionalism of sales managers, we actually began to focus impacting their personal lives as well.  This balance of personal and professional life actually ended up being the real difference in the overall levels of success of the individuals we have worked with during the past 20 years.

I have written in my blog and spoken about Life Enrichment often but a recent article in my local newspaper touched me and made me think about a this idea: using your talent to make a difference might be obvious but in my day to day travel schedule I see and talk to hundreds of people who are simply walking through life vs experiencing life to its fullest.

In the newspaper article it detailed the story about a local women that was a professional writer who connected with a local hospice and offered to interview people at the end of their lives and write their story. She would take her notes from the interviews and prepare a document that formally expressed their thoughts, as expected the stories varied from regrets, loves, experiences and philosophical messages to remember them by after they past.  The story described that the women sometimes actually read her story about the person at their funeral services.  The part that I found extremely interesting was how her experiences have now led  her to speak to various groups about her stores but in reality her story is how her exposure to all of these people and their lives have touched her in an unexpected  and positive ways.

As writers we all desire acceptance and awareness regarding our work, in this story the women described that as her outer awareness dropped because of her hospice writing a focus on others lives, the women began to achieve an inner acceptance.   This is a cornerstone in Life Enrichment. Her overall life began to turn to a positive force and all the other pieces of life began to fit together.

So the questions are:

  • What talents do you have?
  • Whose lives can you impact?
  • When will you start?

With all the challenges, problems and general unhappiness and frustration in the world today, I would suggest it’s time for a positive life force changing action to take place.  Agree?  I would enjoy reading your comments regarding this idea.


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