Creating Intensity

Creating Intensity

The Job of Sales Management
A Series of Tactical Actions to Drive Success

During the balance of the year I will outline 40 steps a sales leader can take to achieve predictable revenue. They are not listed in any priority- as every sales organization is at differing levels of maturity and needs. If you run a channels organization these ideas will be pertinent to your team as well as your dealers/resellers/partners.

Every player does not give 110% every day, it’s the coach’s job to increase their intensity and the effort they give”….. This quote came from Butch Jones, head coach at the University of TN.

This is part of what I call the emotional job of sales leadership, it is one thing to analyze data and create sales programs and systems, and it’s another to create the right culture. Last week my keynote at a sales conference was titled: Building a Culture of High Performance, during the program I discussed this side of leadership and the need for both personal and professional actions one can take to raise the bar of excellence.
In a turnaround situation this emotional aspect of sales leadership is critical, if you are building a new team it is a necessity. What does the emotional Sales Leader need to do?
1. Stay focused on energy-yours and your team’s
2. Pay attention to their plans, their daily/weekly execution and their intensity…
3. Be on top of everything…. Pay attention to the details to ensure EVERYTHING works.
4. If you expect them to work at 100%, your focus, your energy must be 120%.
5. Always be more aware than the team… of all aspect of the sales/marketing focus
6. As a leader in any organization recognize that your focus/intensity/enthusiasm must be above the ones your lead.

Your team wants to feel the energy and belief, as a Sales Leader work on this emotional transfer. Being a leader and having vision and communicating emotional is a Critical Success Factor in Sales Leadership. In my book on Leading High Performance Sales Teams I cover the tactical steps build this belief.

Notice, in this blog I used the word Sales Leadership not Sales Management, there are two different aspects to building a high performance sales team, leadership and management- you must know the difference and you must be both!
When I spoke with Josh Dobbs, Quarterback of the Univ. of TN this summer (at the airport) his biggest comment was that Butch was a motivator, not a coach, not a buddy, but a motivator.
What are you doing to increase the intensity of your team?

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