Life Enrichment: Friends

October 15th, 2014

Life Enrichment: Friends

Those of you who are frequent readers of this blog know that on occasion I write about Life Enrichment a subject that is important to me and a topic of my keynote programs.  This past weekend’s events have caused me to write about this topic again.

A few years ago I made a commitment to reach back and touch past friends and re-engage, this past weekend was another opportunity-the XX year High School class reunion. ( I won’t tell you how many J)   I grew up in a small town with a graduating class of around 88 people so you can expect that everyone knew everyone-mostly.  Certainly there were groups of people that hung together, but Friday and Saturday’s night’s events were special and showed the importance of friendship.

I had a chance to talk to a longtime friend-I attended his 1 year birthday party, we played together, went to college together and certainly share many stories and a few secrets.

There were the guy’s I went to Boy Scout camp with and on hot summer nights we would set up tents in someone’s yard and enjoyed  the evening . Buddies I played summer baseball with, biked and went swimming with and got into some trouble from time to time as well.

My basketball and football teammates were there; we sweated together, won and lost together and showered together-it was great to see them again and laugh about our lives-and in most cases our bodies. There was a common bond.

The girls. The Cheerleaders lead a cheer, and we all fell back into the memories of High School-there were the ones I had danced with in the gym, some I had dated and others were friends.

A class mate had scanned many pictures from our year book that played continuously during the evening reminding us of different times and different looks….a common bond of youth and aging and friends.

Conversations were varied; class members that I didn’t know as well were engaged in deeper discussions, I even invited a few to “stay over” in my home on their way South or heading home in the North. Many have scattered across the US and many of stayed in Wisconsin, but as a class and on Friday/Saturday evening we were back-being friends. The warmth in the room could be felt by all.

Another classmate told a few stories of life in High School and another read a poem on aging-all brought laughs and good feelings.

As I left, I realized that I wished I had more time for more and longer conversations, to explore their lives, past experiences and dreams for the future. Now with our Facebook page we can stay in touch and continue the relationships we started to build– oh many years ago.

My ending message to you would be: are you building relationships and real friends, or simply meeting people? In today’s challenging environment I would push you to increase the deepness of your relationships, listen to people, ask them questions about their lives and thoughts; as I say in my keynote programs: Be Real, Be Warm, Be More.


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One Response to “Life Enrichment: Friends”

  1. Tammy Says:


    Your message today is one that touches me deeply as I work a full time job and then go home to work with my husband on the farm, leaving little time to see and visit with our friends. I am going to make it a point to recapture old friendships and make new one.

    Thank you for the reminder.