Pick up the DAMN PHONE!

Pick up the DAMN PHONE!

When I saw the title of this book, by Joanne Black, I knew I would like the book- while I was reading it I loved it! Pick up the DAMN PHONE! , How people, not technology seal the deal is a great read with tons of tips for any salesperson.

As a person who has been in the sales world for 25+ years I appreciated her message and the style of her work. Joanne not only provided her insights into selling in today’s world, but to make her points she used stories and quotes from over 45 professionals. This style increased the credibility of the material but also added to the ease of reading.

I really enjoyed the overall tone of this book, right from the start, Section 1: “Sales 2.0: everything has changed (and nothing) has changed.” The bottom line: sales is still about people selling to people.  Joanne continues… having a personal connection to prospects, understanding what our buyers want from us and delivering results are still the keys to success. As someone that interacts with many salespeople in today’s world, I see way to often their tendency to attempt to sell through email or failing to take the time to build a personal level of trust.

The next sections go on to discuss Buyer 2.0 and how salespeople today must work differently to win, it’s worth the price of the book for that chapter alone.

The message of relationships is a theme throughout the book- not only building them with prospects, but Joanne goes into detail on the power of building personal networks. These maybe personal or professional points of contact and to the title of the book, Joanne makes the point to Pick up the DAMN PHONE to build these relationships and not hide behind email and social media.

Don’t get me wrong, Joanne is a proponent of using technology to increase win ratios and the use of social intelligence. On page 100 she quotes an Aberdeen Group study on the use of social intelligence:

  • 21.4% increase in top-line revenue
  • A 9.5% annual increase in the number of salespeople who make quotaWhy? Using social intelligence salespeople can see the events in people’s lives; they can use that information to make more personal connections.There are over 40 chapters in this book all filled with nuggets for today’s salesperson. I would buy this book for each salesperson and review 2 chapters a week during your sales meeting. For more information from Joanne check out: www.NoMoreColdCalling.com

When I read business related books and find valuable information I will underline key thoughts and fold over a corner of the book, I just counted 18 pages where I folded over the corner!   I am sure you will find key idea’s to improve your level of performance as well. Buy this book.

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