There are only 10 day’s left in June!

There are only 10 days left in June!

For the first time sales manager

Today (6/2/14) during a client’s Monday morning sales meeting, before we started the sales forecast for June, I announced: “There are only 10 days left in June!” I did this on purpose for several reasons.

1. I wanted to wake up and shake up everyone’s thinking at the outset of the meeting.

2. It was important to create a sense of urgency in everyone.

3. I created a theme for the month.

If you are a first time sales manager or even an experienced one, having any size team in a Monday morning sales call takes preparation. You do not begin without thinking about the outcome and intent of the meeting. With my clients, we use a sales meeting agenda and stick with a standard format, this keeps everyone on task. In today’s meeting we had 15 people with the vast majority on telephones-keeping everyone involved is important and getting to the point is critical. We covered a lot of topics in less than 40 minutes with good communication.

Creating a sense of urgency is critical, as a first time sales manager staying focused on achieving sales objectives is an important aspect of the job. Making sure your sales team is increasing their sales tempo is a must I sometimes find salespeople making one appointment per week per prospect-if they are hot, see them twice a week! Move the opportunity faster. If you are always waiting until the last week of the month or quarter to achieve your objectives it will grind you and your odds of success will decline. Keep the attitude of “what can I do today to move this sales opportunity forward?” is the mantra that each of your salespeople must feel and keep focused on-HINT: create that sign and hang in your sales area.

I have written often about creating a theme for the month or quarter, they can be fun or serious but they always are focused on selling. In my new book, out later this month: SLAMMED!!! The Guru’s Guide: for the First Time Sales Manager there are 9 chapters on Building a High Performance Culture. Creating an atmosphere of performance takes leadership, attitude, fun, and support. As a new sales manager maintaining that balance is an important function of your job.

What else can you do to increase the sense of urgency of your team? Let me know and I will post your comments.

If you would like a copy of a Monday morning Sales Meeting agenda template, send me an email:

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