Super Teams, a book review

Super Teams

Using the Principles of RESPECT to Unleash Explosive Business Performance

Written by Paul Marciano & Clinton Wingrove

Published by McGraw Hill

For a management book, this is an excellent page turner. The methodology and systems they discuss can be implemented by small to medium business as well as major corporations, especially those that want to unleash the power of their people. Not only are the principles that are covered a wonderful read, but the format of the book will assist the management team in implementing the recommended actions.

The book is broken into three simple sections:

1. What is a Super Team

2. The RESPECT Model

3. Assembling a Super Team

The super team is defined as: A SuperTeam is a team that consistently delivers a superior performance relative to customer expectations. The first section simply defines the Why an organization would want to implement their approach. A quick 38 pages sets the stage for section two.

The RESPECT Model is defined as:

• Recognition

• Empowerment

• Supportive Feedback

• Partnering

• Expectations

• Consideration

• Trust

Each of those topics are individual chapters, they are explored in detail and defined with clarity. This is not a book written for classroom discussion, it is meant for execution in the business world.

After each chapter the authors begin to assist the reader in the implementation phase for that section with active work groups. Each of these chapters end have summaries that include a standard format based upon the topic covered:


• Superstarter Questions-designed to make you think

• Team Assessment-designed score your existing environment

• Assessment Reflection Exercise

The last section is focused on building your team. They go into detail on leading the team, bringing in new members of the team, exiting team members and motivating the team. Again, tactical thinking with specific recommendations!

For those organizations that need to build a better culture of performance and desire better collaboration I would highly recommend this handbook for success.

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