AGILE Selling

AGILE Selling

By Jill Konrath

I agree with Jill, this book should be a NY Times best seller. After reading her latest book and noticing my favorite technique of folding over the corners of pages that I would go back to for reference, I counted 37 pages-which I think is an all-time high for my book reviews.

What makes this book worthwhile are the 63 chapters produced in bite site nuggets. I realized that when I wrote my books on Sales Leadership, I wanted them full of practical idea’s, presented in easy to read, non-intimidating size or weight of the book. Jill has taken the time in creating this jammed packed book for you, the crazy busy salesperson ( as Jill would say…) She gives you the entire Pizza-but serves it up one slice at a time!

In today’s sales world products/services are changing rapidly or as salespeople who may change companies or even industries, learning quickly and increasing your level of professionalism is essential, Agile Selling provides the salesperson and sales manager the guides lines and sales best practices to achieve success. This is the perfect handbook that every salesperson should read and include in their personal library.

Just a few of the chapters, where I folded over the edges:

• Transform Sales Problems

• Sink into Stories

• Fine the Forums

• Take the Gobbledygook Test

• Get Grittier

You can see from the list the books value and there are a ton more of great reminders, new perspectives and information that makes this book a must read-for the new salesperson and old Pro. Check it out:  

Hint: I would recommend you add this to your sales training calendar, buy a book for each of your salespeople and discuss one or two chapters a week during your sales meetings and watch your sales explode. Let me know your reactions.

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