Make It Happen-Now!

Make It Happen-Now!

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about “Life Enrichment: a mantra “, I wrote it regarding a more personal approach to building a better life, I had a lot of reaction to that blog, but several people asked me about writing a blog based upon a more professional perspective vs a personal view.

In thinking through that issue, I think as sales leaders the title of this blog has it right! Make it Happen-Now!

Sense of urgency and creating momentum are critical to the success of any sales organization, I like to suggest to my clients that asking the sales teams “What can you do today, To create an order? Should be your daily mantra. Many sales teams wait for situations to occur to eventually close an order, great sales teams create situations that cause orders to occur. Sometimes these maybe chaos, a well-planned series of events, others are developed with skill of a brain surgeon during discovery and others are just plain salesmanship.

A good friend of mine, Jeb Blount from Sales Gravy ( likes to use these questions with his clients:

• Are your prospects listening to you?

• Do they trust you?

• Do they like you?

• Are you making them feel important?

• What is the impact you will have on their business?

Making sales happen requires you can answer these questions correctly; these critical issues are missing in many sales management one-on-one sales opportunity discussions.

High performance salespeople are creative and are constantly re-thinking their sales strategies and competitive re-positioning, (have you touched all the bases?) Are you challenging the strategy of your thinking? Are you thinking about what else can I do to win this sales opportunity=ALL the TIME? Who else can I talk with or bring into this opportunity?

If you want a copy of the Acumen Sales Strategy Guide, let me know,

Make it happen-Now! And you will celebrate all through the summer. Spring Board into summer!

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