Life Enrichment: Develop your Mantra

April 2nd, 2014

Life Enrichment: Develop your Mantra

Think about it. What is the basis for your personal life? How do you lead your life, how do you make the decisions that impact your personal or professional life? This topic is very important as I have found that people who are successful tend to have a personal and professional balance in their lives

In building a Gourmet Life, I like to suggest you create a personal mantra or motto to help you or guide you in your life’s decisions. During my keynote programs I share several reasons why this is important and I also share several of my own mantras or I call them Thoreson Theorem’s.

The basic need for a personal philosophy is provide you a foundation on which to make decisions, offer assistance and to give others a few of who you are and what you care about. My challenge for you is to let others know what your belief’s are and to share with others what your mantra is, it will help not only you lead teams, but others will know how to better work with you or interact with you on a daily basis. Let me share several examples.

After 9/11 I felt many of my friends and clients were taken back and American felt shaken, I added the following mantra to help me and others move forward: Stay Positive, Take Action! Obviously it meant not to be negative and not to let the actions of a few cause me to stop or delay moving my life forward.

From a business point of view I use the following three rules:

1. I work to enhance the relationship between myself and my clients

2. I want to ensure any relationship is profitable for all parties

3. I want to make sure I have fun

As I work to build my business and my personal life I can use these three tenets to help me make a decision on any variety of topics. How are you living your life? What are your life mantras?

Remember: You can’t change the way you live your life, but you can change the way you LIVE your life!

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2 Responses to “Life Enrichment: Develop your Mantra”

  1. Jeffrey Fischer Says:


    Thanks for a great column. I have a 10 am talk before some new college grads and the title is “prospective.” Its how a view of a business and life style changes between age 20 and 60. How events change our lives. Love, marriage, baby carriages.
    Its about life and death, 9/11 for those of us old enough to remember it and all the friends and business associates that we buried or celebrated their walking out of the Twin Towers.
    Lately, I have found myself adding a 4th tenant that we all most live by. We have to share in the Grace of God, abide by his tennents and treat all of the people we come in contact with equally and with a smile. Life is greater and funnier and everyone learns something from everyone. The common ground builds a better society one day at a time.

    God Bless, keep up the focused writing. It always supercharges me to go another step.

  2. kenthoreson Says:

    Thanks for your comment, I totally agree on your 4th…

    Ken Thoreson