EDGY Conversations

March 26th, 2014

EDGY Conversations

How Ordinary People can Achieve Outrageous Success

A book review

This week’s blog covers an interesting new book written by Dan Waldschmidt, I found that the book certainly has a message that everyone needs to hear! In my keynote programs I sometimes state that “we can’t change the way we have lived our lives, but we can change the way we live our lives”. Dan’s book makes a similar point but his style and stories make this book an unusual but powerful read.

His message: Get beyond the nonsense in your life and do what really matters hits you between the eyes almost on every page. Dan starts with a glimpse of his personal life and throughout the book he brings additional life stories of real people and how they overcame a variety of challenges to succeed in life. These stories support his thinking and his life style. As I read the book, I felt almost a poetic rhythm as his sentence structure is short, spacing open and many red bullets to help stamp in your mind the points Dan is making. Some examples:

You Win more when you fight more

Your future is about the decisions you make, not the ideas you have

• Being different makes the difference

Giving becomes transformational when you invest yourself in the effort

The entire book is full of motivational thoughts with easy to follow action plans that will make a difference in your life. I circled/underlined 100+ phases or sentences that jumped out at me as I read through this book. Just skimming the table of contents you will see why you need to buy this book:

1. Extreme Behavior

2. Disciplined Activity

3. Giving Mindset

4. Human Strategy

5. Chose to be Extraordinary

If you need a personal lift or want to motivate your sales teams, buy this book. IDEA: buy this book for your entire sales team and discuss one chapter a week during your next sales meetings, you will see a difference in your team both professionally and personally.

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