Life Enrichment: is yours?

December 2nd, 2013

Life Enrichment: is yours?

After speaking at a business conference someone asked me about how they could make their life more meaningful and fulfilling and the idea of life enrichment came to me. It seems almost everyone once they find out that I speak professionally always ask me; “what do you speak about?” When I boil everything down, whether it’s on Gourmet Living or Sales Leadership the topics end up covering how one’s life can be made better. My goal after every program is to increase the effectiveness of their personal lives and their professional success.

I realized many years ago that while we were impacting the lives of many people professionally, as they grew, they also began to experience a more satisfying personal life. One of the points I discuss often is the need for each of us to impact the lives of others and the more we work to positively impact the lives of others, the more our life will be blessed.

It may be a simple phone call or email that reaches out to say you care or asking how you can assist someone can make the difference in someone’s life or even their day!

As you plan your 2014 goals I encourage you to enrich other people’s lives each week;

• seek out a person that needs a lift, give them an idea or simply share you care

• volunteer in your local community to help others less fortunate

• project a positive fun attitude to the people you interact with during your day.

The phase “attitude of gratitude” seems to ring out to me, enrich your life by being a better person.

In the comments section below –  let me know what you do now or plan to do to make this world a better place?

Check out my YouTube channel for other ideas on Life Enrichment.

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2 Responses to “Life Enrichment: is yours?”

  1. Joe G Says:

    Great post. As the old saying goes, “God doesn’t care what you do, but how you do it.” It’s all about how you show up doing what you do. It’s amazing what just being polite, kind and nice can do. The world needs more of it.

  2. Ian Adams Says:

    I believe helping other people is the most fulfilling experience in life. And in order to help the most people in my life, I must become wickedly successful.