Never Make a Cold Call Again!

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Never Make a Cold Call Again

During a recent client sales meeting we talked about the power of networking, we assigned every salesperson to at least one networking/association event per month. If you aren’t “connected” in your marketplace do it!  That discussion lead to the best new thought of the year! Create an Acumen Power Network Map! 

What is it?  Here’s the secret steps: 1) Identify  a raving fan of your business, 2) Google/LinkedIn/Jigsaw search that person’s business relationships and 3) create a map of all associations/Boards/activities  they are involved in, 4) list all individuals who are members of that association or people who also serve on those Boards. Next, 5) identify what companies those individuals work in and target those organizations that fit your company’s  ideal client profile and last 6), ask your “raving fan” to make a referral introduction to your targeted organizations! Do your homework and count commissions.

For an example send me an email and I will send you a sample Acumen Power diagram:

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