Building a Sales Pipeline

Tactical Sales 20/20 Marketing Plan

Build Your Pipeline for the 4th Quarter

Overview:  The marketing plan incorporates messaging from your vendors   with marketing materials, email campaigns, telephone scripts and partner involvement. Action steps include:

1) Refine their prospect database to reflect the A, B, C Ideal client profile concept.

2) Download and review the direct mail letter/email tools provided by your vendors and create two pieces for two campaigns that will be used; these can be personalized with your logo, etc.

3)  Create multiple batches of 20 suspects by salesperson, divided into groups of A, B, C, D, etc.

4)  Execute on the following tactical plan:

Week One:      Each salesperson sends email/ letter 1 to 20 different suspects in Group A

Week Two:      Each Salesperson sends email/Letter 2 to the same Group A 20 suspects

Each Salesperson sends email/Letter 1 to another set of 20 suspects in Group B

Week Three:    Each salesperson begins to call Group A and set an appointment or invite them to an Executive Forum run the partner

Each salesperson sends emails/ letter 2 to the 20 suspects in Group B

Each salesperson sends email/ letter 1 to 20 suspects in a new Group C

Week Four:     Each Salesperson begins to call all on-contact member of Group A

Each Salesperson begins to call all suspects in Group B

Each Salesperson sends emails/Letter 2 to the suspects in Group C

This program continues in this manner. As the activity level and pipeline grows, the only change in this marketing and activity plan will be the number of emails letters sent per week, it could drop to 10.

It is recommended that an on-going “Executive Forum” or workshop event is scheduled for the same time/same day each month. The purpose of the event is to provide a “call to action” and provide a reason for the telephone call follow up.

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  1. A great sales manager sets goals and priorities.
    Each day brings unlimited opportunities that must be addressed with limited resources. How, then, do you perform at your best today while you address the needs of tomorrow? Without clear goals, it is easy to get bogged down and lose sight of the larger picture. set your goals and convert your sales lead today

  2. everyone is responsible but based upon size of the firm, the head of sales/marketing might exist or the President? In larger firms there maybe 2 people, with the President approving all plans

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