July Sales Training Tip: YouTube.com

Your July Sales Training Tip: YouTube.com

Normally at this time of the year, I am reminding my clients that it’s time to begin building their 3rd Quarter sales training plans.  Those of you that are regular readers know that Acumen Sales Mangers plan their entire quarter sales training plans at the beginning of each quarter. Each sales meeting schedule is defined by date/time, topics and assignments-as to who is training on what topics.  Topics should include: sales skills, product/services knowledge, competition and sales operations (CRM, contracts, etc…)  BTW:  During the first six months of 2013, I have  used: Question Based Selling and Demonstration to Win books for many of my clients “book club” study groups.

But what about July!  With the 4th of July and Summer time upon us, here’s a fun idea to launch your summer sales training plans.

  1. Set your date for your July sales training date.
  2. Assign each salesperson to review YouTube.com to find what they consider their best sales training video lesson
  3. At your sales meeting, each salesperson would introduce the You Tube video and discuss why they felt it was pertinent to your sales organization.
  4. Then watch the YouTube video as a team and discuss it.

It will be a fun meeting, but also, each salespeople may end up watching 4-6 YouTube videos on sales training as they evaluate their recommendation and they will learn to use You Tube as a resource for idea’s and as a sales resource.

Simply have them go to www.YouTube.com and in the search bar enter: sales training.

Make July a jubilant month.  Focus on sales pipeline building, sales strategies on individual opportunities and sales training.

Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. During the past 14 years, our consulting, advisory, and platform services have illuminated, motivated, and rejuvenated the sales efforts for partners throughout North America. Ken’s latest book is: “Leading High Performance Sales Teams”.

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