Earn Your Success, Pay the Price

April 21st, 2013

Earn Your Success   Pay the Price

A good friend of mine always told me that you “earned success” and you had to accept the fact that their normally was price to pay for that success.   When I work with my client’s sales teams I always inquire about their goals, actions and commitments to achieving their objectives-and what doesn’t surprises me anymore is this lack of fully understanding of the “price to pay”.

I am not suggesting that our lives are so consumed with achieving success that all other facets of life are out of balance.  Those of you who have taken my “Personal & Professional Pizza” assessment understand my focus on life balance, if you haven’t take the assessment, view my Gourmet Life video:  http://www.acumenmgmt.com/KeninAction123

However, if you are leading a sales organization or if you are a professional salesperson understanding that there is a price to be paid to achieve success must be clearly understood and accepted.  I see salespeople showing up Monday and simply coming to work-sales leadership and sales roles demand more.

First; it’s creative time.  Taking time on a quiet evening or on a Saturday to review each active sales opportunity and thinking through your sales tactics/strategies demands extra time.  What else can you do to win?

Second; it’s professional. Are you actively taking the extra time to review LinkedIn groups within your market to better understand what issues are being discussed?  The Sales Association group in LinkedIn and their VP Sales Group are good groups to join.  I am actually leading a series of monthly sales leadership web casts for the VP Sales Group.https://m360.salesassociation.org/event.aspx?eventID=74422

Third; it’s your network. Paying the price to develop, nurture and expand your network pays results. This takes time to find the right individuals and your effort to create an active campaign to build the network.  As a professional this time will bring you additional levels of revenue-at unexpected times.

Fourth; it’s mental toughness.  Just last week a salesperson was 90% confident he was closing an opportunity and then he got hit with an objection and was flattened.  He wasn’t strong enough to counter sell the objection, but at least he was strong enough to ask his fellow sales team members for advice.  We will now see if he and his manager go in to win.

I always enjoy the comments everyone makes on my various blogs, but reading your thoughts on this blog would be important.  What are the actions or efforts you believe are necessary to achieve success?

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3 Responses to “Earn Your Success, Pay the Price”

  1. Denny Says:

    Nice article and right on the mark. I hear so many people think that the old ways of selling face to face no longer work. That all we need is to get people to come to our site or to blast thme with email and printed offers. That may be true in some industries but those that are succesful follow what you outlined in this article. It is amazing what happens when you get to sit down with a customer and earn the business…pay the price for success.
    My best to you,

  2. Ian Says:

    Enjoyed reading this Ken. As you describe, sales strategy isn’t something you just turn on and off between 9-5p. It’s something that accumulates alongside your life experiences. It could be on a quiet saturday afternoon or driving home from work. Ideas should be creatively explored all the time.

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