Sales Leadership: 2013 Sales Theme

December 3rd, 2012

Sales Leadership:  2013 Sales Theme

Last week I was speaking at a conference on: “Building and Maintaining Sales Motivation”, after the program several individuals came up to discuss my concept of a “Drive Statement.

At this time of the year everyone is working on your sales business plans for 2013 and finishing budgets and forecasts.  While every plan should include goals and objectives for training, marketing and sales incentive programs; it is also the perfect time to consider how you will maintain your sales team’s emotional focus on exceeding your goals.  Creating a “Drive Statement” can assist you.

A Drive Statement is a series of words or a sentence that describes your overall theme for your sales team for an entire year.   This statement is reinforced at every potential opportunity.  It may appear on your internal letterhead, made into a banner and hung in your sales area and used to reinforce your training programs.  For example, I have seen one that was simply: Growth!  This word reinforced the company’s focus on sales growth, professional growth, market share growth and company growth.  Another that has been used before was; Brilliant Execution. This particular company wanted to reinforce the sales process, sales strategy execution as well as increasing the focus on customer service. They had defined specific steps they felt would improve all aspects of the sales function and they wanted everyone to know that they expected brilliant execution!

One that I have seen was a more complex statement; We will dominate our market with an assertive approach and creating a unique experience. This company wanted to make the statement that becoming #1 in the market was important but using the word assertive meant they wanted a more aggressive attitude within their sales and marketing departments but the additional use of “unique experience” meant a touch of creativity or the opportunity to standout was important.

Think through your goals for the 2013, what approach and attitude do you want your sales team to consider or act on throughout the year.  Then engage several team members to assist you in developing a sales theme or Drive Statement.  I would encourage you to share your thoughts on this topic in the blog comments below.

At your 2013 Sales Kick Off meeting, create the atmosphere of an excitement when you unveil a well-planned out business plan where sales, marketing and operations are coordinated and your sales team leaves the meeting motivated to exceed their goals.  Plan a fun event but make sure your team knows your Drive Statement and how it relates to your vision for the year.  If you would like ideas on how to create a successful  sales kick-off meeting send me an email:

  Ken Thoreson is the President of the Acumen Management Group Ltd., a North American consulting organization focused on improving sales management functions within growing and transitional organizations. Ken’s latest book is: “Leading High Performance Sales Teams”. Consider Ken for your sales kick off meetings.  You can reach him at  Blog: 3f4qb8v9ge

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  1. Robert Terson Says:

    An excellent post, Ken. It’s amazing how important language can be when setting the tone of something like a Drive Statement. Like the word “assertive” in the example you’ve given; that single word changes the entire tone of the statement.

    I’d love to talk to you sometime, get to know you, exchange thoughts. I try to do that with everyone in the STA group. Since I’m the retired guy, reach out anytime you have a free moment.

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  3. kenthoreson Says:

    My email is

    Contact me in January..



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