Secrets of Hiring Top Performing Salespeople

How to Take Emotion Out of the Sales Hiring Process and Hire the Best Salespeople

It’s the number one job of sales management and it is the most difficult, if you hire effectively the job of sales management becomes sooooo much easier.  If you are serious about building a high performance sales team I have something special for you;  I will train you on the aspects of building a recruiting process that will improve your odds of only hiring the best salespeople-not the best available.  What could be the results of attending this web cast?

  • Increases in service, quality and customer satisfaction of over 50%
  • Growth rates 60% to 300% greater than their competition
  • Return on sales of 200%-300% greater than their competitors
  • Return on assets of 150%-300% greater than their competitors

             Leonard Schlesinger  Harvard University


It’s a fact that when you miss hire a salesperson it may cost you FOUR times what you ended up paying that person while they were on your team.

In this webinar, author and sales management expert, Ken Thoreson will teach you how to remove emotion from the hiring process and improve your odds for hiring salespeople who will produce. You will learn:
• 5 techniques to increase interviewing effectiveness
• How to evaluate the traits of high performers
• How to create a sales recruiting scorecard that “takes the emotion” out of hiring decisions
• How to use and create a sales case study specifically designed for your business
• How to building an interviewing process to hire the best, not just the best available
• How to separate the average from top performers

This webinar is perfect for sales managers, executives, business owners, HR Professionals and anyone who is involved in the sales hiring process.


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