Make 2012 Your Best Year EVER!

December 5th, 2011

Make 2012 Your Best Year EVER!

Is the market going to be better for your products/services in 2012? Or will your sales team face another tough year to achieve their sales objectives?  Recently I have been writing/talking about an issue facing everyone-your salespeople, your management team and your customers/prospects=sales fatigue. After three challenging years and now that we are about to enter  2012, all the sales numbers go back to zero and with confusion in the market, most everyone I have interacted with seems both physically and mentally  tired.

Last week I was speaking to a group of sales leaders in New York, as we discussed this topic, the question was asked regarding what as sales leaders can we do to counteract this condition.  I suggested the following idea’s (you can find more detail in past blogs on these topics).

  1. Build belief in your company & products/services: invite a happy customer to a sales meeting and let them tell your team how great your company and products are and what they have done for their company.
  2. Make a change: repackage your products/services, alter pricing, even move the desks in your sales offices. Another idea, create a new company sales presentation that changes your messaging. Any short term change will alter the chemistry and make something new and fresh.
  3. Focus on increased levels of training:  build a sales training plan for the first 90 days that includes sales skills, product/services knowledge, CRM, etc.  Next, build an individual salesperson development plan where twice each year, hold a formal salesperson career development discussion and mutually, you and a salesperson, create an individual plan to increase their professionalism.  In our “Interactive Sales Manager Tool Kit” we include a Salesperson Development Tool.  If you would like a free Salesperson Development Tool, send me an email request.

There is always a lot to do but planning this  week for 2012 results will greatly move you ahead of your competition and prepare you for making 2012-Your Best Year Ever! 

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