Recruiting High Performance Sales Teams

January 11th, 2011

What’s the number one challenge of sales management?  Recruiting and hiring top talent. Where organizations have focused on quality hiring sales and revenue problems don’t exist, customer satisfaction levels are high and morale/culture is terrific.   While most sales organizations focus on creating a sales process to increase sales performance, they yet fail to develop a recruiting and interviewing process that attracts ensures they Hire the Best, Not the Best Available.  And then they wonder why their sales training and sales process didn’t work?   This book has been designed to assist you in improving your skills and in building the systems and mentality required to increase the performance of your sales team.  It is all about improving your odds.

We have included the tools to help you improve your performance; interview scorecards, interviewing questions, and sample job descriptions.  Plus; a bonus section: the Sales Management Guru has included a  sample three week new hire on-boarding process to ensure you  initially train them properly  and increase their ability to quickly begin to generate revenues.

Why you need this book in your sales management library;

 ·         Learn to develop your ideal salesperson profile

  • How to create  a sales candidate funnel
  • Find out why many sales managers get fired in less than 18 months
  • Knowing the best candidates may not be looking when you are and how to find them
  • Why taking the emotion out of hiring is the key to interviewing
  • Learn how an Interview Scorecard screens out the “empty suits”
  • Why social interviewing is important
  • Why and how to use  a sales case study to evaluate your candidates
  • Learn the differences in using sales assessments and why they  are an important factor in selection
  • How to properly conduct a telephone interview  and use scoring list to assess talent
  • Use social media to evaluate your sales candidates


Order your copy today:

Leading High Performance Sales Teams will be available later in January

Creating Sales Compensation Plans for High Performance will available in February.

The fourth book is titled: Success Simplified, it will be available in January. This is co-authored book with Stephen Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and Patricia Fripp. My chapter deals with personal success and how coaching and consulting with sales managers lead me to discover that in reality we are developing people as individuals personally and professionally. I cover how to create a Menu for Life.

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