Zen and the Art of Snow Shoveling

December 13th, 2010

Zen and the Art of Snow Shoveling

What does that title have to do with Sales Management? After spending 20 years growing up in Wisconsin and another 30 years in Minneapolis, I finally connected the dots after waking up this morning in East TN and having to shovel my driveway!  At 22 degrees, and enough snow to make my rather steep driveway a challenge to “get out of”, I put on the Volunteer stocking hat, gloves and began the process.

At first the brisk air and crunchy snow felt like old times but then the pattern began and the Zen and Art kicked in. As I pushed the snow down the drive and reversed my pattern shoveling up the driveway, dispensing the snow, the vertical shovel paths defined my movements. As I cleared the lower portion of the driveway  which is much wider and designed to allow  backing up my car to turn and make the drive up the hill, the pattern changed, clearing one segment diagonally, the other in almost swirling  triangle pattern.  Each area of the driveway required a different approach. As I was finishing and looking back on the driveway and tossing handfuls of salt, it occurred that sales leaders must look at a variety of situations and develop unique patterns to solve their problems.

Shoveling snow allowed me to think about the week’s priorities, sort through the various client projects and make decisions regarding what actions to take. I was amazed how clear the objectives were defined. The shoveling patterns allowed my mind to work on a totally unrelated problem, yet my sub-conscious mind was automatically ranking and stacking each client project.  This is much the same effect that is achieved in the Zen sand gardens, where you can rake different patterns.  The impact of releasing your mind will allow your mind to actually work more effectively. Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on sales leadership time management, it has had over 1,000 reads; taking the time to create time to focus on unrelated actions,(like shoveling)  can help sales leaders, refocus, re- charge and re-aligned priorities or even help solve personnel problems or specific sales strategies.  Find your time and action to that allows your mind to work independently, your results will astound you.

As sales leaders plan for 2011, break out of the standard traditional pattern, explore something new, consider the alternatives, the options and even try different approaches to your budgeting and sales/marketing strategies.  You might re-read my blog on creativity to help you create new patterns for growth!

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