Sales Managers: What are you Thankful For?

Sales Managers: What Are You Thankful For?

 It’s a short week for many of us in the U.S. because of our Thanksgiving holiday and while many other nations have similar events based upon similar justifications; i.e. thankful for successful harvests, it is always important for everyone to pause, at anytime, and consider what they are thankful for. Even in the tough times that many of us have experienced during the past 3+ years reflecting on the good and positive elements of your life is important.

I speak often about having your personal and professional life in balance, at this time of year  most of us will be sharing time with family and friends-take the time to say “thank you” to someone for: being a friend, helping you in some manner, making you laugh, introducing you to a new business opportunity or for whatever reason you can find. After you say thank you look at the person and notice the impact you just had on their life; how their face lightens up, the smile you will bring to their face and the warmth you will create. It will enhance your relationship with that person for ever.

As sales leaders what are you thankful for?  I have created a short list for you to consider, they are not in any specific order.  What other items should make the list? Add them below in the comment section and let’s see if we can hit 50 or 100!

I am thankful for:

  1. The great products or services my company provides to our clients.
  2. The super team we have that supports our clients.
  3. The members of my sales team that work hard every day to bring in the business.
  4. For my family that supports me even though I work long hours and sometimes takes me away from home.
  5. For my friends that make me laugh and allow me to share my personal thoughts-about everything.
  6. For my spouse, for everything he/she puts up with and is always encouraging me.
  7. For my children that keep me humble and the love they generate.
  8. The members of our management team that are supportive of each other and are helping to build a positive environment at our organization.
  9. The president/founder of our organization, who started it all, providing jobs for many and who leads us with a vision and passion.
  10.  The freedom we have to make our own decisions, speak our minds and to lead the kind of life we wish to lead.

I am sure after reading the list; you will decide I left out several other items that should be on the list.  Take a moment and add them in the comment section below, I would be thankful for your additions.

 I am always thankful for all our readers, all my clients over the past 13 years and the support of so many friends and associates that have made my life a wonderful experience. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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