More Summer-Time Sales Management

June 19th, 2009

Based upon the many comments I received on the last blog, I wanted to offer an additional idea to improve your sales management process. With summer time vacations and economic conditions affecting current budgets, strategic sales managers must ensure today that they have adequate pipeline values for July/August/September.

We have discussed in past articles and blogs the need to create a sales and marketing dashboard in order for you to always know the actual values, but what I am recommending is a thorough house cleaning or scrubbing of your sales team’s pipeline.

Effective summertime sales management requires you to evaluate each opportunity honestly using tough qualifying and strategy questions.

Action Plan: Depending upon your organization, do the following:

  1. Hold a strategy meeting with the president of your organization, one salesperson and you, the sales manager.
  2. Look at every opportunity. Everyone must ask/answer tough questions. We use 12 Magic Questions when doing this; if you want them, send me an e-mail.
  3. Determine the win/loss ratio by salesperson.
  4. If the dollar values or number of opportunities by month are below required levels, create a sales activity game and marketing campaigns. The results must be managed week to week (See this RCP article on sales games).

“Inspect what you expect” needs to be your motto now to ensure everyone enjoys the rest of the summer.

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